About us

Supporting the training of gospel workers world‑wide.

Moore College was established in 1856 to train people for the proclamation of the Gospel in what was then considered one of the ends of the world. Since that time the College has played a key role in training people for missionary work and practically supporting other theological institutions around the world.

“Building a bridge between the academic heart of the college and the world in which we minister.”

The Centre for Global Mission, launched in October 2016, cements and expands that role, building a bridge between the academic heart of the college and the world in which we minister. The centre’s ultimate goal is to broaden the reach of this work and to serve our partners overseas in a more targeted, strategic and integrated manner.

Working with the college’s established networks in a range of countries, the Centre for Global Mission offers help with essential practical resources and consultancy services in providing and administering theological education.


Our networks

Moore College has two main types of networks outside of Australia. The first is with graduates all over the world, many of whom are working in theological education, or in ministry training themselves. The second is within the Anglican Church, particularly in the developing world, in resourcing training for clergy.

Partner institutions all over the world

Our existing networks of people and partner institutions include those in South America, Malaysia, China, India and throughout Africa. We are building a new relationship with countries in Europe and the Indian Ocean region, including Mauritius and Madagascar.

Moore College’s vision is evangelical and international. Our students are from a wide range of church and cultural contexts. Based in Sydney at our Newtown campus, our College provides ministers for the Anglican Church in Sydney, as well as other Diocese and denominations. Moore also trains workers for ministries to children, youth, families and cross-cultural mission. We offer enrolments in diploma, graduate, postgraduate and distance courses.