Our purpose

Encouraging and enabling cross-cultural mission

The Centre for Global Mission promotes theological reflection and practical engagement in cross-cultural mission work. The Centre provides a pathway for the theological rigour of the College to be harnessed and deployed in service of those seeking to make disciples across cultural boundaries.

Facilitating global gospel partnerships

The Centre for Global Mission offers graduates and students an amazing opportunity to be involved in a practical way in the college’s mission work overseas, from right here in Sydney.

Many of our graduates have masters and doctoral degrees—a precious and rare resource in developing countries—and we can help them to partner with ministries in need of advice, supervision or even moderation from a distance.

Providing theological resources

One of the central roles of the Centre for Global Mission is to co-ordinate the delivery of the distance PTC (Preliminary Theological Certificate) material as a resource to our partner organisations and other theological colleges overseas.

The focus of this work is transitioning as the Centre for Global Mission seeks to make these resources available much more widely and cheaply than ever before.

“The Centre provides a pathway for the theological rigour of the College to be harnessed and deployed…”

Supporting theological education

For many years, Moore College has been providing institutional support to our partner institutions abroad— often behind the scenes. Our lecturers travel to colleges in other parts of the world for guest lecturing spots and to provide relief and academic advice. The Centre for Global Mission allows the college to better organise and build on this support in a strategic way.

IT Resources

Our highly skilled IT department develops technology specifically for training people in ministry. Access to such expertise can be a huge stumbling block for institutions in developing countries. The centre for Global Mission provides a channel for the expertise developed at Moore to be shared with our partners in need, including on establishing databases, streamlined enrolment and registration processes, interactive online learning and archiving platforms as well as access to e‑resources.


Moore College boasts a world class theological library staffed by experts in their field. In the developing world such resources are extremely expensive and rare. The Centre provides a gateway for our partners to gain access to the right advice and a wealth of electronically accessible resources for theological education.

Registrar’s expertise

For many institutions in poorer parts of the world, accreditation can be a major obstacle. The process of gaining accreditation is often highly technical, complicated, expensive and time-consuming. Many less well-resourced institutions risk failure because they are simply unable to navigate the process. Via the Centre for Global Mission, Moore College is able to offer our partners access to experience and expertise in this critical process, as well as on a number of essential aspects of running a theological institution, from admissions to archiving.

Moore College’s vision is evangelical and international. Our students are from a wide range of church and cultural contexts. Based in Sydney at our Newtown campus, our College provides ministers for the Anglican Church in Sydney, as well as other Diocese and denominations. Moore also trains workers for ministries to children, youth, families and cross-cultural mission. We offer enrolments in diploma, graduate, postgraduate and distance courses.